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Aishwarya Sakhuja Aishwarya Sakhuja

Arshin Mehta Arshin Mehta

Delnaaz Irani Delnaaz Irani

Shefali Bagga Shefali Bagga

Sidharth Banerjee Sidharth Banerjee

Simran Keyz Simran Keyz

Tanvi Thakkar Tanvi Thakkar

Twinkle Vasisht Twinkle Vasisht

Vikaas Kalantri Vikaas Kalantri

Kiran Rathore Kiran Rathore

Mahhima Kottary Mahhima Kottary

Sanjay Gagnani Sanjay Gagnani

About Us

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Bollywish is the peer-to - peer marketplace, where fans can book celebrity video greetings from their favourite celebrities. It's our mission to make fans connect to their favourite celebrities and bring excitement to daily life!

With our platform, you can ask your favourite celebrities to request and bookpersonalized video messages to surprise your friends and family! Take any opportunity with a Starprise video that is more fun, individual and exciting!

Bollywish is the forum for fans to connect directly with musicians, athletes and all other celebrities. This is the 21st century autograph card. On this platform, fans can order their icons for their celebrity video greetings. It offers a forum for people to discover and booking a celebrity of any kind originally created celebrity video greetings and share these videos with friends and relatives. Bollywish is a platform especially designed to bridge the gap between bollywood celebrities and their fan. Our goal is to link fans with musicians, sportsmen or any renowned celebrity or influencers. We want to help celebrities enjoy their successes and encourage millions of fans to join in this magnificent journey. With our platform, it is easier for musicians, regardless of their geography, to connect with their die hard followers regardless of where they are or where their fans are.

Bollywish began with a vision of improving and enriching ties between fans and their favourite celebrity. We Indians are crazy fans. We love celebrities and value them. Why don't our favorites actors be the new medium for our loved ones' correspondence? Sometimes we don't mention that. There is too much to say, so much to say, but we're either too shy or too short

Using Bollywish to ask your favourite celebration for a personalized celebrityvideo messages, whether it is a wedding, birthday, job award, or merely to say a few words to your loved ones.


What is Bollywish?

Bollywish is a platform that helps you get personalized video messages from your favourite celebrities – TV actors, film actors, singers, music composers, sportspersons and others. The platform bridges the gap between celebrities and their fans. You can request for birthday greeting videos, celeb shout-outs, congratulatory messages and more.

What is the best way to contact the Bollywish team?

You can visit our official website [email protected] and contact us for any kind of personalized celebrity message. Our Bollywish talent manager will revert at the earliest.