Celebrity Shout Outs to Promote your Brand

Have you recently ordered a new product just because your favorite actor or actress shared a picture with it and has been going all gaga about it on their stories?

Celebrities have been the face of advertisements for decades. Their fan following and the ability to influence people are incomparable. Their popularity is great leverage to brands and often fans incline towards the brands their favourite celebrities love or endorse. Recently, in the past half-decade, endorsements have changed. In only a matter of time, brand promotion techniques have changed a lot. Traditional methods like television advertisements and print ads have been substituted to a greater extent by digital media and social media marketing.

In these days and age, people have turned towards capturing the attention of their prospective buyers through a targeted approach at the place where they spend most of their time. Influencer marketing has become the latest marketing trend and celebrity shout outs have become one of the most effective brand promotion strategies! Celebrities have a huge number of followers on their social media accounts and their fans place a lot of faith in the content they share via their accounts. 

In such cases, getting a shout out by a popular celebrity for your brand can be a great way to promote your products or services. But the question is, how do you reach out to them? How do you get them to give a shoutout to your product? Here is where Bollywish fulfills your wish! We, at Bollywish, help you promote your brands through collaboration with popular celebrities. 

The process is fairly simple. all you need to do is to enter our website and click on ‘brand promotion’. We require a few details from you, to understand your branding requirements. Within a few days, we’ll get back to you. Here, after discussion, we approach the chosen celebrity to do a shoutout for you on your chosen social media platform. There will be a video celebs make that will be posted on the chosen social media account, and they will tag your business account on it.

Bollywish aims at bridging the gap between you and the celebrities by giving you special access to them. Celebrity shout outs give you full value for your brand marketing budget and also help in developing faith towards your brand. They are the future of brand promotions!

Published Date - 10th October 2020
Published By - Bollywish