It’s time to fulfill a Wishlist- With Bollywood Celebrity Charm!

It is undeniable! It is undisputed! Indians are Bollywood obsessed. Your girlfriend loves you but loves the big screen actor just a tad bit more. Your father can’t get enough of the laughter riots from his favorite weekend comedian. Your brother imitates his favorite celebrity’s dance move over and over! And your mother always has the remote at prime-time! If you agree with any of these, have those Bollywood fanatics in your life…and you need to find the perfect gift for these Bollywood-Crazy loved ones? Look no further! We at help you plan the best surprise for your favorite people! You know their Wishlist, and we know how to make you the hero of their life by arranging personalized celebrity video messages!

Booking a celebrity for personalized celebrity birthday messages has never been easier! We bridge the gap between you and your favorite Bollywood celebs to get a lovely wish or message for your loved ones. For just a small sum in comparison to this larger-than-life event, we bring to you a priceless experience! Bollywish is a site that brings to you a Bollywood style quirky gifting idea wherein you can choose your loved one’s favorite celebrity and they will create a personalized video message or schedule a call to wish them! You’ll be delighted to see their faces light up when they receive your beautiful surprise! You probably just might make their dil go mmmm…who knows?

To have your beloved Bollywood celebrities celebrate your birthday or any special day along with you is a dream come true. Getting a happy birthday call from their favorite celebrity can be the highlight of your loved one’s special day. A gift to be remembered for ages! An overwhelming surprise bound to make your star-struck loved ones feel very special on their day is not a farfetched idea anymore! Sounds too good to be true? Well, we at, work extra hard to ensure that your loved ones get the perfect celebrity video greetings they deserve just in a matter of a few clicks! You can have their favorite celebrity wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ or a celeb shout out by following a few easy steps!

First of all, of course, you have to plan in advance and give us a little time to coordinate with the celebrities. Your celebrity of choice could be any selection from our homepage. You can browse from the various categories with extensive choices. Then follow these easy steps mentioned here to register and create your account and raise your request. In a matter of a few days, subject to the Bollywood celebrities’ availability your video request would be fulfilled!

We constantly work towards bringing more celebrities on board to give you the best of celebrity video greetings services! Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on the latest Bollywood celebrities we link with! Our services or not only limited to Bollywood Celebs but also your favorite TV stars and performers in India! Give your loved ones the gift of a lifetime and allow us to make it happen for you! It’s time to fulfill a Wishlist…with some Bollywood Celebrity charm!

Published Date - 10th October 2020
Published By - Bollywish